Françoise Dolto

Françoise Dolto
b. Paris, France 1908
Given that all grown ups were once children, it’s a little frightening how little they seem to remember about the experience. And babies!? What a mystery. Françoise was one of the first people to be able to convince adults that babies and children are trying to communicate even before they have verbal language. She was also able to demonstrate how to understand what it is that small humans are trying to say. This has been an enormous relief to everyone involved.

Françoise was involved in many fierce and furious political battles with French and International Psychoanalytic Associations regarding their rigid and authoritarian training models. By the 1970’s she came to be recognised as France’s most beloved psychoanalyst. Her weekly radio program, in which she answered letters that had been written to her, had a large and faithful following — she is still revered for her groundbreaking work and unswerving commitment to helping people.

A courageous warrior dedicated to the treatment of children as rational beings and to bridging the gap between parents and their children - especially during familial conflict. She established for the French that what is in a child’s best interests is not always what will make them happy, but rational understanding. “Children always understand”

This little figurine made in homage to a great lady is of the "look but don't touch" variety. She is constructed from wire, sculpey, paint and flocking and wears a handknitted pure silk dress with glass bead embelishment. Her chair is handmade from cedar and copper wire and her sword is a vorpal blade.