I saw a dream like this

an interactive installation in collaboratiion with Tanya Schultz (Pip & Pop) and Alex Bishop-Thorpe

Alex Bishop-Thorpe, Aurelia Carbone and Tanya Schultz playfully re-imagine the familiar in their first collaborative work I saw a dream like this.
The work examines ideas of abundance and temporary pleasure through the transformation of inexpensive everyday materials. The artists utilise the perspective device of anamorphosis, a form of natural magic, to reveal an optimistic notion of the world.

Drawing on the Japanese folk tale The Fox’s Wedding, they explore their fascination with the merging/blurring of real and imagined worlds. A fox’s wedding is an expression used in parts of Japan to refer to a sunshower and its subsequent rainbow, a metaphor for the supernatural happenings that occur when humans aren’t around to witness them.

Like children performing a magic trick, Bishop-Torpe, Carbone & Schultz reveal the potential of ordinary things to become something else, just for a moment.

Alchemy records the simple magic. Rocks become rainbows, secrets are revealed, and gifts are given.

i saw a dream like this was installed in the Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide as part of the "Arte Magra: from the opaque" series of interactive events curated by Dr Mary Knights and Domenic De Clario in September/October 2013.

The University of South Australia produced a short video about the project, which you can view here.

This project has been supported by FUJIFILM Corporation and Spiral/Wacoal Art Centre