Instant Perspective Machine

For instant perspective machine, Aurelia Carbone constructed an immersive optical illusion installation, complete with an analogue recording device in the form of a heavily modified Fuji Instax instant (polaroid-type) camera. The illusion is a form of anamorphosis - a design that appears to float and only forms its intended shape from a particular view point. The work invites audiences to participate in an essential part of the machine's operation - by walking through the space, by climbing steps and flipping switches, visitors will activate the machine which will then provide analogue photographic 'evidence'.

This installation work is intended to highlight the dual nature of the photographic image – both to record and to create images. Carbone believes that the camera has an inherent capability for truth and for deception; in this project these capabilities are employed simultaneously.

After following some minimal directions at the exhibition entrance to "activate" the machine by pushing a red button - visitors could choose to ascend a set of steps. The top step held a hidden pressure sensor, which would trigger the camera. Visitors were encouraged to keep the image they had created with the machine, which showed themselves floating within a giant spiral or time tunnel. Instant film images were dispensed from the machine console further inside the exhibition space, visitors were encouraged to Play Again - perhaps using the advanced controls.

instant perspective machine was installed at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia's Project Space from November 2nd to December 16th, 2012.

This project has been supported by Arts SA|Government of South Australia