An anamorphic installation of the Southern Cross constellation in glow in the dark terrazzo.

Wirltu is a site specific anamorphic installation comissioned by the City of Marion as part of their redevelopment of the Herron Way and Grand Central Drive Reserves in 2018.

The work utilises the symbol of the Southern Cross as a vehicle to consider this landscape and its uses pre and post colonisation. Wirltu is the Dreaming story of the Kaurna People of the Adelaide Plains about the constallation we now refer to as the Southern Cross. Used here with kind permission from Kaurna Warra Karrpanthi.

Wirltu pirrirlu ninku tuwila wardlipari-arra katinthi = The claw of the Celestial Eagle who carries your spirit through the Milky Way

This project was made with the expert assistance of Monterrazzo

You can explore the area yourself using Google Earth.