Mermaid Tresses

Large outdoor mural located at the corner of Jetty Road and Twinings Lane, Brighton, South Australia

Mermaid Tresses was commissioned by The City of Holdfast Bay for the Adelaide Fringe 2016 Street Art Explosion with support from the good people at Manhattan Hairdcutters.

Twinings Lane is the fastest way to get from all the tasty eateries on Jetty Road Brighton to the playground on Bindarra Reserve. I was eager to make the thoroughfare a magical adventure from icecream to the swing set, with a great opportunity for a photo along the way.

I grew up around the corner from Twinings Lane and delighted in filling the mural with as much local lore and myths as I could. One of my favourite memories of being small at the beach was seeing the big ships on the horizon all lit up at sunset and believing they were the "Love Boat": imagining well dressed couples sipping drinks with little umbrellas and dancing on the ocean under the stars.

As a long time resident of the area I also couldn't help but include a little reminder not to litter with the rainbow hair flowing down into the street drain.

In other exciting news my kids tell me this mural is a Pokéstop in the Pokémon Go mobile game!

You can explore the area yourself using Google Earth.